Soap Making Supplies in Manila 2017

The most common question Philippine soap makers have is “Where do I buy lye?”

Lye is what is usually asked for, but inevitably Philippine soap makers also want other supplies such as fragrance oils, essential oils, soap making oils and fats and basic equipment.

These are available, but they do come with a couple of caveats.

  1. You might have to look a little bit harder.
  2. You might have to buy in bulk
  3. You might have to buy from different suppliers since not many suppliers carry everything you need.

So it takes a little bit longer to find what you need and sometimes you might have to travel a little bit farther, but you will find what you need and you will be able to make soap.

Online Sellers | Outdated and Uncertain

The problem with buying on the internet is outdated pages and uncertainty about their quality or service.

For instance, the top ranked pages on google for Philippine soap making supplies are 4 online marketplaces, 2 entrepreneurial sites, 1 question on where to find soap making supplies, and 1 blog post on Sogomi and a post on a soap making class. The last activity on these pages are 2012, 2014, or even earlier.

Who knows if they even still exist?

Even if they do, they probably aren’t your best bet for buying supplies since spotty updates don’t inspire confidence.

The second is the problem of quality.

One of my favorite posts is about how buying bad quality oils can cause weird (and I mean really weird) unusable soap to be produced.

Not All Olive Oils are created Equally via SoapQueen

These soaps were created using Olive oils bought in American groceries from big companies, and still the quality was pretty bad. These are not normal bars of soap.

If your oils are adulterated or are old, then they will definitely ruin your bars of soap. It’s tough to put time and work and money into the bars only to see them ruined because of bad quality materials.

One of the few Philippine blog posts that talk about suppliers is Popbazaar and she mentions how buying bad quality essential oils from Chemworld made her soap bars “smell like axion”. She also talks about bad service from Ticanocah and RDJ Packaging.

I would love to know anyone who has successfully purchased materials from online sources that are of consistent quality with good service. It’s always good to find alternate suppliers. 🙂

Philippine Suppliers with a track record

I have come across a few suppliers that appear to be favorably viewed and who sell in small amounts for the home soap maker. I have not tried all of them, so while some are personal recommendations, others are based on reputation.

  1. Eunice is the most comprehensive and complete seller that I know of. I have bought from them, and they have been far more responsive than all the other sellers that I know of, in addition to having good customer service. Their website’s undergone a major revamp, making it even easier to see what’s available. Although they do not deliver, it’s easy enough to arrange pickup through Grab.
    Address: They are located at 2/F ARB House #11 Don Jose, ext. cor. Samonte Road, Brgy Holy Spirit, Diliman, Quezon City.
    Phone number: (632) 932-9471, (632) 932-7845, (632) 932-2584, (632) 932-1392, (632) 932-1394.
  2. Soap making supplier on Shopee , which has been pretty active for the past few months. He has an assortment of products that include sodium hydroxide, soap molds and some essential oils.
  3. Alysons seems to be the supermarket of chemicals including sodium hydroxide and has the full range for bath and shower product manufacturing. It is also reputed to sell essentials oils and some waxes and in small quantities.
  4. Islas Aromatics sells some butters, essentials oils and bases.
  5. Milea Bee Farm sells pure beeswax at 1,250 pesos per kilo and can be found in the weekend Legaspi and Salcedo Market in Makati and in Quezon City on weekdays. Honestly, I love their stuff.
  6. GIGA Philippines sells essentials oils in small quantities (we’re talking about 30ml here) and virgin coconut oil. They have several kiosks in malls throughout Metro Manila and have been pretty active in selling their stuff.

There are a few other suppliers that I know of and have spoken to but these sell in bulk and sell for professional formulations.

For hobbyists like you and me, this is more than enough to get started. Some can’t deliver but with Grab courier and other options, it is pretty easy to get stuff to where ever you want them to go.

Happy Soaping!