An Online Success and Mystery

Via Pexels by Fancycrave CC0

This is the stuff internet dreams are made of.

A few days ago, I was sent a link to a Reddit post of a 29 year old Filipino running a website with a passive income of Php 50,000 ($1,000) and who works in an online casino. He’s thinking of retiring when he’s 30.

I was impressed and curious.

Could I do this myself? I’d love to have a website with that much passive income and to be able to have enough to think of retiring.

The Reddit thread describes it as a website where the traffic is 5 million hits per day.

That’s a hell of a lot of traffic.

There are so many things that can be done with that traffic. He could set up an auxilliary website on just about anything and direct some of his traffic there. He could create online products to be sold and test market response. There are so many strategies to try.

But he didn’t divulge the website name, citing fears of competition.

Okay, so you think to yourself that this must be a troll. But the details provided seem pretty real and his story sounds authentic. He doesn’t seem to know much about investing money wisely outside of a few time deposits. He doesn’t have much of an understanding of what you need to invest in for retirement. There are so many small things that he says that seem genuine.

There are just a few websites that have that much traffic and even though I’ve looked and tried to piece together what site the post refers to, I’m stumped (and envious! I’d love to have that many people viewing my writing).

Any ideas? Let me know.